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1500 Watt HPS Ballasts Released! Sunlight Supply ‘Master Blaster’
March 11, 2010, 9:20 pm
Filed under: Hydroponics Equipment News

206,000 LUMENS!!

That’s right…. I said 206,000 LUMEN OUTPUT!

Prototype testing is complete and these are now available to the hydroponics growing population!

People of Earth, the mothership has arrived! Pair this monster with gigantic Magnum XXXL reflector, and you will be a force to behold!

Sunlight Supply 1500 Gorilla Gardener

Master Blaster!

All of the fantastic features you are used to with current digital Galaxy ballasts but now with massive 1500 watt power. 240 volt operation only, you can NOT use this with a 120V outlet. Operates both High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide bulbs. Ballast is totally silent! Compatible with all large reflectors like the XXXL “Ocho” from Sunlight Supply or the “Mondo” from Hydrofarm / Xtrasun.

Sunlight Supply Ocho 8"

The Ocho from Sunlight Supply!

MSRP on the Master Blaster is $499 and you can order it online from us via our online hydroponics sales system or just give us a call. The 1500 Watt HPS bulb built for the Master Blaster has 206,000 intial lumens and carries a one year warranty. The 1500 HPS bulb sells for $149.

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