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Phantom HPS / MH Released! New Phantom Ballast Digital from Hydrofarm
March 21, 2010, 11:27 pm
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Gorilla Gardeners! A new Digital Ballast has arrived on the market. Learning and improving from the original releases of digital dimmable ballasts, Hydrofarm has released the most refined digital HID ballast available on the market today, the Phantom ballast.

Phantom Digital Ballast

New Phantom Ballast - 1000W Dimmable

Phantom Digital Ballast

Vertical Operation - 1000W Dimmable

Phantom Digital Ballast

Phantom HiD Ballast - Side view

Some growers still might be wondering “Why dim my bulb?” Well some times it gets hotter in the summer and you need to dial down to 600W. Maybe some times you have a tray full of clones and need to dial down to 250W. Lets say you add “Gravity” from Humboldt County’s Own supplement line – and need to raise you light – how about just dial it down instead? They digitally run any voltage up to 240V automatically and will dim a 1000W bulb down to any wattage.

Phantom Digital Ballast

LED touch-button - 100% = 1000Watt - 75% = 750Watt - 40% = 400Watt

The quality of the build, fit and finish on this ballast is outstanding! I really like the vertical operation of the unit as well. Less footprint and more efficient cooling.

Phantom Digital Ballast

Gorilla Gardener Supply - Hydroponics in San Diego south-bay

Phantom 1000W Digital Ballast – Dimmable

Dimmable model also available in Phantom 600W

Phantom Digital 400W & 250W Also available!

Weight (1000 watt) : 16.4 lbs.
Package Dimensions: 14.5L x 9.8W x 3.8H

Suggested Retail: $399.95

http://www.gorillagardener.com/images/phantom ballast spanish.jpg


Hydrofarm’s Phantom Digital Ballast arrives on the market as the most rigorously tested ballast in the industry. The Phantom features silent operation, lightweight design, multiple placement options and the maximum lumen output around. We listened to your needs and learned. Now you can reap the benefit with this durable, premium digital ballast.

* Tri-mode, push-button (not a knob) dimmable feature gives you the light you need in your specific growing situation.

* Hot re-strike programming protects the lamp in the event of a power outage.

* Tested for compatibility with most brands of high intensity grow lamps.

* Dual resettable breakers – protects lamp and household circuits.

* Only ballast on the market designed for vertical operation for coolest running and optimum grow space.

* Drives the highest light output for maximum plant growth.

* Universal reflector adaptor and 8 ft heavy duty cord included.

* Unlike magnetic ballast, Phantom runs completely silent

* Patented lock & seal BAREF lamp cord installed

* Internal RF protection

* Triple surface aluminum fins – most efficient cooling in its class

* Internal Resin coating protects components for long life

Phantom 600 Watt Dimmable Ballast – MSRP – $249.95

Phantom 400 watt Ballast – MSRP – $189.95

Phantom 250 watt Ballast – MSRP – $164.95

Give us a call if you want some more information or drop by the store in South San Diego to take a look in person!

Phantom HID Digital Dimmable Ballast

Phantom Digital Ballast - New dimmable from Hydrofarm



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