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Gorilla Gardener Supply Remodel & Expansion – Custom Enclosed Grow-Room Addition
June 14, 2010, 11:20 pm
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Gorilla Gardener in San Diego has expanded and nearly doubled in size! We have installed a large custom indoor grow-room to showcase a large variety of hydroponics systems. Also we have expanded our inventory, always striving to keep everything you need — in stock.


Pallets of soil & hydro mediums

This is a 20′ x 20′ environmentally controlled custom grow room. Drop by the store and see an Aeroponics system, flood & drain buckets, ebb & flow tables, NFT (Nutrient Film Technique,) and a dripper system. High pressure sodium and T5 Fluorescent systems light the garden on a master lighting control system.

alt text

Custom environmentally controlled indoor grow-room display

Mariachi Peppers growing in the garden — Grown in rockwool on an ebb & flow table

alt text

Hydroponic grown Peppers

Top of the line light HID ballasts & the most popular and effective nutrient and supplement lines — available in small to multi-gallon containers — in stock!

alt text

Botanicare, Dutch Master, Galaxy, Lumatek, Hydrofarm, Humboldt County's Own, Xtrasun

Hydrofarm & Sunlight Supply reflectors in stock — Odor control, in-line fans, & oscillating fans.

alt text

Massive inventory

Pest & Disease control — Hydroponics accessories and fittings.

Pest & Disease Control

Gorilla Gardener Remodel


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