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Turbo Klone Aeroponic Clone Machine – TurboKlone 48
August 2, 2010, 7:16 pm
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Hello Hydroponics growers!

I wanted to show you a new item we have in our store. I have used a couple of different types of cloning machines from home-built to ‘name-brand’ units. Simply put, I have had the easiest time running this machine out of all of them. Having healthy rooted clones burst out within 5 to 7 days is quite impressive. I really like the idea of the cool-air fan and love the design of the reservoir. My last clone machine always had a gooey algae residue build-up around the lid and reservoir, don’t have that at all with the Turbo Klone machine.


Turbo Klone 48 in action with healthy clones

We have loaded the unit up with a variety of cherry tomato strains and chili peppers. I wanted you to see how the Aeroponic misters spray the root zone, so we have the video displaying with the ‘demo-only’ clear unit for the fancy splash show!

You can get a TurboKlone Cloner with 48 sites, 96 sites, or 144 sites. You can fit far more clones in the same footprint as other Aero cloners.

The Submersible pump that drives the Aeroponic misters seems to run cooler than any other I have used. This is really important for warm environments, if your water is too warm, you fail.

Aeroponic Cloner

Turbo Klone 48 Aeroponics

So if you need a large amount of healthy clones, fast, the Turbo Klone system will be perfect for you. San Diego hydroponics growers have the chance to come down to our shop in South Bay (Chula Vista) and see it in action for yourself!

Hydroponics in San Diego

San Diego hydro growers and Colfax hydro growers can order direct

“We hold these roots to be self evident!”

Roots after 3 weeks in the Turbo Klone 48

Healthy white fuzzy roots, even with the clear dome

Happy growing!

– Gorilla





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Was just wondering how much the turbo klone machine is?

Comment by Phil McLellan

Was just wondering how much the turbo klone machine was?

Comment by Phil McLellan

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