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Humboldt County’s Own Arsenal – Snow Storm Ultra – Bushmaster – Gravity – Purple Maxx – Crystal Burst – Killer Tea
September 1, 2010, 12:55 am
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Simply put, four of the most powerful, well refined and cost efficient supplements for indoor and outdoor growers alike.

We have all seen labels on products that claim “30% Larger yield boost! Fat flowers and intense aromas! Massive vigor and oil production!” Typically these claims are on the ‘supplement’ side of the nutrient table. When growing you have quite a variety of brands of different nutrients and supplements in which to feed your plants with. Wading through all the b.s. claims can be a whole other mission however.

Snow Storm Ultra - Bushmaster - Gravity - Purple Maxx

Some of the most powerful plant growth supplements known to man.

Keep in mind that every nutrient line makes their ‘base’ nutrients (maybe 2 or 3 parts) and then continue to barrage you with other ‘supplement’ nutrients that really help you complete the tools needed for an incredible harvest. With the basics, you will harvest the basic. With a complete arsenal of all the right base nutrients, supplements, and biological’s, you will harvest the best. Just like a professional bodybuilder, you need the right tools (nutrients and supplements) to be Mr. Universe.

I typically roll my eyes when listening to the claims of what most supplements can do. But this my friends, is the first ‘snake oil’ that REALLY REALLY WORKS. I have tried it in both hydroponics and soil and have harvested cola’s that were 25-30% wider and internode length dramatically shortened.

When using Bushmaster it’s best to apply it the day you switch your plants to 12/12 hour cycle for maximum results. It forces the plant almost instantly into sexual maturity and nearly skips the entire ‘stretch’ phase that is common when switching a plant to flower. This week is typically called “transition” week. With Bushmaster, the plant seems to change it’s energy from stretching to widening cola’s and tightening internode lengths so that your flowers stack up tighter and larger than ever before. This single supplement is only used one time in soil, or run for a week straight at very low dosage of 1/2 ml to 1 ml per gallon of water in your reservoir. When you run it for a week straight, you must cut your base nutrients and other supplements by half the dose at least, until you are sure how your plants handle the Bushmaster. Keep in mind, this product is not to be messed with, you MUST follow the instructions πŸ™‚

Using Gravity continuously in hydroponics also produces stellar results. They call Gravity ‘Viagra for plants’ I call it the ‘bowling-ball for plants.’ After running this stuff from week four all the way until I flushed and harvested, even the main cola’s we’re unable to stand on their own, all arms are drooped over and hanging from the trellis. The weight and density of these flowers is insane! Dried flowers feel like rocks in your hands! I run 1 ML per FIVE GALLONS continuously. You can use more for shorter time, but this method seems to work best. If using Gravity in soil, apply it 3 times total, once a week in week 4, 5, & 6 with 1 ml / gallon of water. I use Snow Storm at the same time with it’s low dose ( 2 ml / gallon) always in the reservoir.

Snow Storm Ultra and Purple Maxx are very similar products. They are both resin builders. They created extreme crystallization and swelling of essential oils. Only difference is the Purple Maxx can create a very dark purple coloring in some of your various flower strains. Some strains become super purple, some just a hint. I prefer to use the Snow Storm Ultra because it frosts and swells my resin glands up and doesn’t alter the color in any way. I have never had such furry, frosty snow stormed flowers in my life. So much essential oil, people’s jaws drop when they see it. Snow Storm is a product that truly lives up to it’s name!

These products are also fully compatible with the new Humboldt County’s Own boosters; Crystal Burst at 1 teaspoon per gallon and Killer Tea at 1 ounce per gallon in bloom. Give us a call any time at Gorilla Gardener in San Diego for more detailed instructions on how to use this stuff. I’ve tried a few different application methods, and now that I feel confident in the bad-assness of this product line, I want to spread the word! These supplements are made up in the hills of Northern California by gardeners, for gardeners. Maximum respect to Humboldt County’s Own mad scientists!

Happy Gardening!

– Gorilla Gardener


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Is there any benefit to running Purple Maxx and Snow Storm Ultra together? Would I be fine using only Snow Storm Ultra if color change was not a desired factor? Or is there something else in Purple Maxx that would benefit running concurrently with Snow Storm Ultra?

Comment by Hans

No need to run them both together. You can alternate using one or the other if you perhaps want some subtle color addition but not dramatically, whilst developing massive crystals the whole while.

If you don’t care about the color, save your $$ and get the snow storm πŸ˜€

Comment by gorillagardener

purple maxx is half snow storm, its silly to run them together pick one for your strain . It does enhance purple, but snow storm is a crystal forming product that is second to none. You guys should try cutting edge solutions as your 3 part basic, they have a product called saint johns blend, like snow storm but not as good . You substitute snow storm for st johns during flower. And sub out the plant amp when in soil for cal mag That along with gravity and bushmaster with a little budswell gauno when not using , Gravity or bushmaster, makes the best system in or out period. Ive compared 11 companies and cuting edge and age old just have the edge only if with additives. Dont let age old fool you it rocks basic nuts, my favorite organic by far and its one part, and the cheapist by far

Comment by tim

I have used snow storm and swear by this product. I think this is one of the best on the market.

Comment by Chris

I was wondering about snowstorm, how much and for how long do i apply it? I use fox farm soil and earth juice nutrients, do I oxygenate the snowstorm with the earth juice? can i do the same with the bushmaster and gravity?

Comment by damon

It sounds like you are running Hydro. I like to use 2 – 2.5 ML / gallon in my reservoir and run it for about 3 days before I dump my reservoir. I have run my res both with and without air stones while using Snow Storm, Gravity, & Bushmaster. I always off-gas my R.O. water in another tank for 48 hours with another air-stone, prior to mixing.

The simple rule seems to be that if you DO aerate your reservoir, you should only use the products for the last 72-48 hours of the water’s life before it’s time to dump it. The fact is that even with only a couple of days of watering out of the week with this stuff, you still seem to get the same if not better results from running it continuously. If you get it in and out of your res in 48 hours, the chances of building up that bad bacteria is much reduced. Don’t be scared of a little foam in the reservoir πŸ™‚ When your water level and total-dissolved-solids (PPM) has dropped a few days after first mixing up your water, it’s the perfect time to add snow storm and gravity along with pure R/O water and possibly a Phosphorous / Potassium (P/K) boost like Kool-Bloom Powder from General Hydroponics or Hydroplex from Botanicare.

Now, if you DO NOT aerate your res, you can run the snow storm at it’s ‘continuous dose’ of 2 ml/ gallon and just leave it in for the entire 7-14 days you keep your reservoir water until you dump and start fresh. Even when your water is low and you need to top-off the water, you can add the respective amount on 2 ml/gal to your top-off water. I will say again that even with just 2-3 waterings per week of this stuff, the same amazing results seem to occur. As they say on the label, less is more.

All the same would apply in regards to aeration with Bushmaster and Gravity. Bushmaster however is only used for 3-7 days, and Gravity is only used from weeks four to eight. Gravity can be run at a ‘continuous’ dose of 1 ML / FIVE GALLONS of water.

I had the same results both with and without an aerated reservoir.

Comment by gorillagardener

I grow in soil and I use 3 drops of gravity in 2 litres of water in flowering. What is interesting are the different effects it has on particular strains. I tried it on a blueberry and it was too much for the plant with yellowing of part of the top of the plant occurring Most plants react well to it. But I have one plant that I developed that just gets huge under it influence. Totally needing support due to the weight of the colas. I really like the product. I also use snow storm and am certainly going to try Bushmaster next. Whats interesting is I received the Gravity as a prize and really doubted it would have any effect. It s worth a try. When you find the right strain you will get amazing results.

Comment by Mrd

I want to use bushmaster, b/c my plants always go too high. I am wondering if there is any stretching at all that occurs after you use bushmaster? I am trying to time the application of this product, and if there is no stretching, should I consider vegging longer? Also, would it be better to perhaps, start the flowering cycle let it run for a week, do the stretch, then add bushmaster? I suggest this b/c my plants often do not develop flower sites until the first week of flowering is complete. Any help much appreciated. Big ups from the 808 state!

Comment by rob

A little bit of stretch is normal on most plants, some not at all. If you use a tiny bit more, it might help stop really stretchy plants. Veg your plants to your desired final height, minus 6″ or so for flower growth… and then apply Bushmaster at a full dose with just pure Reverse Osmosis water.

Yeah some people will switch to flower and allow some stretch for a week or so and then apply the Bushmaster, but I would much rather veg the plant for that extra week and get the height and then apply. The stretching will just stretch out your flower sites and they wont be as thick.

Just Veg to the height you want and hit it the day you switch your lights over, they should stretch maybe 10-20% of what they normally would. My shit stacks up like this really solid and thick.

Comment by gorillagardener

When can I use bushmaster, I am 3 weeks into flower. Do I wait untill I reached my desired height or is there a certain window of opportunity that I have pased.
When is it to late and or to early?

Comment by Mavrick

The owner of the company told me that you can use the product all the way up to the 3rd or 4th week into bloom, but the effects won’t be nearly as clear as if used the SAME DAY you switch your lights to 12/12. As soon as you do that your plants starts to go through puberty and begin the path to sexual maturity. If you apply Bushmaster right at this point, it will stop that pubescent stretch and focus only on becoming fully developed. Tighter internode distances, little to no stretch and wider/fuller flower sites compared to the same plant if you didn’t dose it.

If you apply it this late, it may help you finish a bit faster and put on a bit of weight, 3 weeks in you probably wont be stretching anymore anyways, just flower height growth. Use a low dose to be safe, like 1/2 ml per gallon of water. Too early would be before you switch your lights, but I actually have heard of people experimenting with applying it a few days to a week before they switch their lights over, I dunno about that method, never tried myself. I just use it the day I switch my lights and have fantastic results.

Comment by gorillagardener

Hi, I have a couple of questions & was wondering if you would be kind enough to give me your opinion on them? I am running “Bubbleponics” Type 18gal Bubbler Tubs, I have 3 air stones per tub & use H2O2 treated @ 5ml/gal RO’ed H2O off gassed for 24hrs & am a “chem salt” grower. I use T-5’s, HO Spiral CFL’s & some LED’s. I run 14 days res change cycles. I use DM Zone & SM-90 also. I was wonder first if there is any organics I have to be worried about dying off in the res? Also I think I want to run Bushmaster 3 days before 12/12 & was wondering if you think that would be best & at what rate you recommend to run it at in this style of DWC. If I run Gravity @ the 1ml/5gal weeks 4-8 is there any organics issues? SSN I will use as a foliar so I don’t think I will have any issues there. I would really appriciate you advise & thank you in advance. Happy Grows ~H~

Comment by Howard

PS: Should I make sure I am @ 1/2 the PPM’s I was running on res change @ time of adding Bushmaster? Thank you ~H~

Comment by Howard

i have a question for you buddy, i am doing soil and i wanted to kno if i would have the best result if i just ran bushmaster till week 3 and gravity and snow storm till the end of flowering?? or should i run gravity and snow storm for the entire flowering cycle and how often i should add the nutrients ?? Once or twice a week and how much i should mix and how much water should i use when watering the plant?? I have two plants each are in 4 gallon pots with fox farm soil, thank you

Comment by danny v

I only use Bushmaster one time, and only with tall lanky plants. I wouldn’t use it past week 1 of flower and the transition week. You can use Gravity all through flower but the label suggests only using it the last 4-5 weeks. I run Snow Storm from week 2 until I begin flushing, but only for 48 hours at a time before res dump.

Use Gravity and Snow storm with every supplement/pure water days so you don’t overdose or raise your PPM’s too high. A little goes a long way, don’t over do it.

Comment by gorillagardener

anybody ever used this with fox farm nutes? I use the whole line up of liquid and soluble. And what do you guys think is best line up to use for base nutrients in association with the Humboldt supplements

Comment by A.J.h.

You can use all of the additives well with ANY base nutrient line. You just have to balance eerything and follow the labels. Don’t add the snow storm to a reservoir until about 48 hours before you dump it though to avoid bad bacteria, just like the label says.

Comment by gorillagardener

DO NOT use
Snow Ultra or the Purple version with Beastie Bloom esp in soil you will likely burn the plants due to the double dose of potassium hydroxide. This is based on experience. One or the other or a very reduced approach.

Comment by alexd

when do you start using snowstorm and when do you stop

Comment by jarod

You can start using it even in veg cycle. I have never done that myself, I don’t think it’s necessary.

I start to use it after the 7-10 day transition cycle when you hit 12/12 on your light timer. It’s low PPM so you can use it with food or with pure water feedings both. I use it all the way until I start a 3 day flush with Ebb & Flow buckets. If you are in soil/coco I would stop using it when you start flushing. Most people in soil/coco stop feeding the last week, and flush the last 2-3 days before harvest. Flush with just pH’d water, beneficial organisms to help penetrate/break down old root, and organic sweeteners like Cutting Edge Solutions Sugaree to give it a carbo load when all other food is gone. Peace!

Comment by gorillagardener

I’ve been searching for a knowledgeable thread on these products. and know I finally found 1 now thank you for your help. I’ve been using this product for a couple harvests now and have noticed a huge difference. I just want to make sure I was using it properly maybe I can get better results. and now with is information I’m sure I will. thanks again

Comment by mEoCuVth

Greetings, I see to use 1 ml per 5 gal of gravity if you are going to use it the entire bloom cycle .. i am wondering what the dose might be for the last 4 weeks and should the nutes be at half strength?

Comment by Tony

No I usually run 80-90% full strength nutrients whether or not run the last few weeks or all the way through. If you are in soil, just apply it by itself once a week at 1/2 ml per gallon… up to 1 ml per gallon. Less is more, be safe with gravity. It can burn your plants easily.

Comment by gorillagardener

is it ok to use gravity in with overdrive during last to weeks

Comment by mdiggity

I have never used overdrive. I assume some bloom booster? Well you should have no worries using gravity with any other additives. I would just give the plant Gravity with one watering and Overdrive with the next, not at the same time.

Comment by gorillagardener

Can you use Bushmaster in Coco?

Comment by Mark

Sure it works just the same if you are running drain to waste as a soil application. If you have a recirculating reservoir I would run it only for a few days at a time to avoid a possible buildup. I don’t use coco myself, but know many that do with no issues. Just follow the label for feeding amounts the same as soil.

Comment by gorillagardener

Thanks a lot for the article post.Really thank you! Great.

Comment by canadian supplements

Bro almost all of Humboldt countys own has plant growth regulators which arent meant to be consumed by people ..which is what you usually do with whatever you grow……its a carcinogen called patrobutizol or something similar.that’s the shit they spray on trees to keep them from growing into power lines………..google it.

Comment by tony

This is true, much has come to light three years later after this article was written. Thank you for contributing. There is certainly a lot of talk in the grower world about Paclo and other PGR’s. I have been told they are no longer allowed to produce Bushmaster or Gravity in the U.S.

Comment by gorillagardener

I have a question regarding snow storm, the first one got deleted or something but im using all botanicare and am on the advanced formula feed. Im in 3rd week of bloom tomorrow is feed day and have two other waters one w/ cal mag vitamino and pure blend tea the other w just cal mag if I add snow storm should I hold back on hydroplex or any other nute and should I feed during a different time than my main feeding?

Comment by Joe

I currently use a coco and dirt mix, along with the whole general hyroponics line, Base with Kool bloom liquid for a bulking agent and dry kool bloom for a ripener.. Along with phosphoload at week 4.

Can I add all the bushmasters, gravity, and snowstorm or is that not going to work. I would take out the phos for sure if adding bush.

If recommended would I use just as directed. Or do I need to lay off certain nutes etc.

Any help would be appreciated.


Comment by steven

If you do not use it anymore. Have you found anything with the same results?

Comment by steven

Snow storm is no joke. Never tried the other products. Chaching is a nother resin increasing agent but it is pale in comparison to snowstorm. Also, House and Garden, frrom the Netherlands, makes a great product called top booster. Take my advice, and USE IT.

Comment by jungleface

Hey thanks for the informative thread, Im using all botanicare products on the advanced feed cycle soil, this is my first grow w 3 different strains, I just recieved a sample bottle of snow storm and am always trying to find the nutes to increase yield and strength, monday is 3rd nute feed and 3rd week of bloom is there any nute that I am using currently in the coco/soil advanced formula feed from botanicare that I should lighten up on or altogether remove???

Comment by joe

Paclobutrazol (Gravity, Bushmaster) is an organophosphate toxin that will be with you the rest of your life. It does not flush out of plants, soil, or you.

Comment by Larry

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