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Free Weekly Hydroponics Grow Classes Every Thursday Night at Gorilla Gardener in San Diego
February 20, 2011, 10:07 pm
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Class on Hiatus for Summer Hours – Resuming class sessions September 6th, 2012 with Hydroponics 101.

Much love going out to the San Diego Growing community!

As part of our quest to make you the best grower in the business we are now offering free weekly hydroponics and soil gardening classes. Each week we will cover a different major subject of indoor gardening. In every session we will discuss the variances between running hydroponics versus growing in coco or soil. Example class subjects include:

Cloning Plants from Cut to Rooted Transplant

Introduction to Hydroponics 101

Flushing and Harvesting Techniques

Drying and Curing Your Harvest

Selecting a Nutrient Line & Nutrient Mixing

Feed Schedules and Supplements

Super cropping or ‘Supercropping’ techniques

CO2 Garden Enrichment & Perfect Growroom Setup

Indoor grow lighting technologies (HPS / MH / LED / Induction)

Advanced Hydroponics 201

Advanced Growing 301 – Aeroponics, Dripper Systems, Nutrient Film

Gardening Classes for Hydroponics and Soil Indoors or Outdoors

Free Growing Class - Just bring a chair

Classes are complete lessons so if you miss a class, it will be repeated and you wont be behind the curve. As there are only 15 or so major subjects we cover, eventually all subjects will be repeated. If you are interested in coming to a class just show up on Thursday night around 7:PM and bring a chair along. If you would prefer to be added first to our weekly class subject reminder email list, feel free to send us your email address. You can reach the list at growclass@gorillagardener.com

Total beginner to advanced gardeners, all are welcome! Our goal is to teach the world how to grow their own fruits, vegetables and flowers, freedom from hunger.

Best wishes greenthumb!

– Gorilla Gardener


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We are starting over with the first class of the series, Introduction to Hydroponics 101, on August 18th, 2011. All classes are repeated in series. Following that class we have on August 25th a class on taking Clones A-Z from cut to rooted transplant.

Comment by gorillagardener

We have started the entire series over as normal with class rotation. This week we are studing all the various popular nutrient lines and explain the difference of synthetic versus organic nutrients. We will teach you how to properly mix your nutrients with water or a reservoir and then pH balance and check the TDS before watering.

Comment by gorillagardener

The newest cycle has begun! We started yesterday with Hydroponics 101 and next Thursday we will continue the series with our class –

Selecting a Nutrient Line & Proper Mixup & pH Balance

Hope to see you Thursday at 7:PM!

Comment by gorillagardener

March 29th, 2012 we start the cycle all over again!

We start Thursday the 29th with Hydroponics 101 all the basics you need to get started with Hydro!

Comment by gorillagardener

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