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Summer Garden Starts Available Now in Colfax, California Gorilla Gardener Supply – Heirloom & Organic Varieties
May 9, 2011, 7:48 pm
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Hello Garden buddy!

We wanted to share some exciting news about all the wonderful Heirloom, Hybrid & Organic seeds and plant starters available now at our Colfax, CA garden supply store. We have stocked up on a large variety of seeds from Peaceful Valley Organic, Bentley Seeds, & High Mowing Organic Seeds. We have at least one dozen of many of our most popular varieties already planted and vegging out ready for a new loving home! Plant starts as well as their seeds are ready NOW for your shopping enjoyment and will allow you to see each strain or variety in living color. All of our seeds are organically grown and of the heirloom NON-GMO variety.

Winter Squash, Summer Squash, Golden Scallop Squash, Brandywine Yellow, Brandywine Pink, Heart of Gold Watermelon

Non-GMO Watermelon and NON-GMO Tomato plants starts

Here at Gorilla Gardener we are adamantly against the procurement of genetically modified food and flowers. Mother Earth has provided Mankind with a staggering variety of strains and phenotypes of all our favorite foods, sourced from all over the globe by seed dealers, for thousands of years. In our modern era we have at our fingertips -all the choices of disease and pest resistance to suit any gardener- growing anywhere in the world. Any color of the rainbow, any size, aroma, flavor, harvest cycle and frequency you desire is available across the board for nearly anything you want to grow. If you want a dwarf size orange tomato or a massive sized pink beefsteak tomato, it’s all available from nature and heirloom hybrids. If you are looking for some honest non-fussed with non nuclear-radioactive-cancer fruit and veggie seeds, we are your garden store!

Take a look at some of the tasty varieties we have to choose from:

Lemon Cucumber, Zucchini, Green Finger Cucumber, Beefsteak tomato, Brandywine tomatoes, Moon & Stars Red Watermelon

Lemon Cucumber, Zucchini, Green Finger Cucumber, Beefsteak tomato, Brandywine tomato

Non GMO seeds - non genetically modified seed starts - NO GMO

At least a dozen of each plant type ready right now with the seeds they started from to read about. NON-GMO, we have NO genetically modified plants here. We sell Heirloom seeds, Organic seeds, Organic Hybrid seeds and non-gmo seeds.

Heirloom Hybrid plants are simply two Heirloom plants that are cross-polliinated

Cross-pollinating Organic Heirloom plants gives you a simply Heirloom Hybrid

Organic & Non-GMO plant starts

Ready to take home and plant in your garden

Drop by our Hydroponics supply store in Northern California located in Colfax, CA. Visit soon, these are priced at only $2 each and will fly off our shelves as everyone is gearing up for our summer FREEDOM GARDENS.


Grow beautiful, and harvest always!

– Gorilla Gardener


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