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Praying Mantis Army Has Arrived for Summer 2012 – Organic Pest Control for Hydroponics & Soil
August 2, 2011, 9:07 pm
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Back in stock for the 2012 outdoor growing season! Our breeder has hatched thousands of Preying Mantis to protect your garden this summer. Just drop by or give us a call and we will have the breeder deliver your order of living Mantises to our store to pickup!

San Diego County hydroponics & soil growers now have another extremely effective organic weapon to fight bug infestations in you garden! Praying Mantises will kill all your insect pests! Don’t make the mistake of ordering un-hatched eggs on the internet. The rate of Mantises that actually hatch is extremely low. We have them fully hatched and alive, ready to do battle with your spider mites.

"Spider Mite, I'm your worst nightmare."

"I'll eat all your bugs..."

The Praying Mantis is a Spider Mite’s worst nightmare, even a small size praying mantis will eat about six spider mites a day. The larger sizes we have can eat up to ten or more spider mites each day. If your garden is infested with fungus gnats, thrips, caterpillars, moths, spider mites, white flies, aphids, spiders or almost any other pest, a team of predator Praying Mantises is your answer.

Exotic Organic Insect Control for your Indoor Garden

Praying Mantis will devour your spider mites, thrips, whiteflies and more!

What can I use to kill spider mites when I am in flower? The ONLY answer I give is “Praying Mantis”

Killer Spider Mites Organically

Small Praying Mantises will eat 5 or 6 spider mites a day

What can I spray to stop spider mites? fungus gnats? NOTHING. Don’t spray chemicals (organic or synthetic) on your flowers! You can leave horrible flavors and aromas, stunt growth, hear popping and cracking toxic vapors, and give sources for mold when you spray a flowering plant. DON’T SPRAY CHEMICALS! DON’T USE PYRETHRIN BOMB FOGGERS! Use nature’s finest bug assassin, the Praying Mantis.

Spider Mite Predator

Kill spider mites organically in flower

The standard soldier to obliterate the bugs in your garden is the “Small Chinese Praying Mantis.” We sell them for $1 each. They are small but will eat and eat and eat until every last bug is gone from your garden. You can them even collect them and feed them yourself, keep them until needed again. They will grow bigger and bigger the more they eat over time. Most Praying Mantis species will live about 18 months, some up to two years. If you have already sprayed bug sprays, wait a least a week until you introduce your Mantis enforcers!

Praying Mantises arrive packed fresh, lively and hungry to eat your spider mites

Packaging is good for a few months until Mantises grow large

We also sell “Large Chinese Praying Mantis” they consume about twice the amount of bugs each day as their smaller brothers. All orders come packed in cases with moisture and food, usually delivered next day when in stock. For the standard small Chinese Praying Mantis we need a minimum order of 30 for the manufacturer to deliver next day. If you need less than 30 we would have to wait a couple days for another additional order to get over the minimum.

5 Month old Chinese Mantis, loves to munch on garden bugs!

Spider mites stand no chance

We also sell some exotic pet Praying Mantises, Ghost Mantis, Thai Flower Mantis, Stick Mantis and Carolina Praying Mantis are the types we specialize in selling. We even have custom built praying mantis cages available if you need one!

Exotic Praying Mantises

Predators or Pets, we sell a large variety of Praying Mantis

Custom built cages available - call for quote

After your Praying Mantises eat all your spider mites and other bugs, collect them for next time!

Most species are delivered next day direct from the breeder “Mantis To Go” and are delivered hungry ready to annihilate those spider mites from hell! This is by far the best way to organically control pests in the garden. Whether you grow indoors, in a greenhouse, or in the fields, an army of Mantises is all the protection your harvest needs.


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Back in stock for 2012!

Comment by gorillagardener

Please contact me regarding 30 praying mantis I need them ASAP I live in the high desert please contact me Thank you for your time

Comment by Sean jones

how can i order

Comment by enrique

I will pass your phone number or email to my breeder here in San Diego if you are interested. If you are out of the area to pick them up in person, then can only be shipped next-day-air, which is kind of pricey.

Comment by gorillagardener

Do you know of anyone who sells praying mantis in the New York area? I’m having problems with some really large spiders
also crickets & grasshoppers ( but the spiders the worst!)
Please respond ASAP!
Thank you.

Mary Jane

Comment by Mary J Selvaggio

I don’t have a breeder in New York. I could have my breeder next-day-air ship them to you, but that shipping fee is like $30-$40. They have to next next-day air shipped or they likely wont survive such a long journey.

Let me know if you are interested and I’ll have him call you. Only $1 for small and $2 for large each.

Comment by gorillagardener

Can I go to the Chula Vista store and buy mandids for my garden?

Comment by Sara Hill

Store is closed. Try Mantis 2 Go. they supply the mantis babies and adults

Comment by gorillagardener

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