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Cutting Edge Solutions G-Rex & T-Rex New Rooting Beneficial Inoculants

Greetings Gorilla Gardeners!

We wanted to share some info with you about the incredible new ‘root boosting’ products from Cutting Edge Solutions. The team at C.E.S. has spent the last fifteen years collecting, cultivating and testing beneficial bacteria and fungi from all over California and the rest of the United States. They have always focused on harvesting the most advantageous bacteria and fungi possible to create explosive and robust growth of your beloved plants, and the results are outstanding. These beneficial organisms are proprietary blends and you will not find anything like these strains in any other products.

Introducing G-Rex & T-Rex biological stimulators!

Cutting Edge Organic Line - Beneficial Inoculants

G-rex & T-rex root boosters

As a big fan of the CES standard 3-part synthetic nutrient line, we were happy to receive some samples of their new proprietary beneficial Fungi & Trichoderma inoculants. Both can be used in a variety of applications and so far we have seen incredible results.

By using these products your plant will host millions of tiny feeder roots that work like the millions of tiny channels in our lungs. The more lung volume, the more oxygen you can hold. The more root volume, the more food you can hold. Your roots are the soul of your plant! Pure healthy happy roots bear massive fruit! G-Rex can be used at every stage of your plants life. Soak your fresh cut clones and place straight into rockwool, foliar apply, add directly to your reservoir, or hand-water into soil and coco based mediums.

Take a look at some great roots we popped up with a recent batch of clones. We soaked Grodan 1.5″ cubes and G.H. Rapid Rooter plugs in pure Reverse Osmosis water that has been off-gased for 48 hours. We used 10 ml / gallon and pH balanced the water to 5.5 for hydroponics application. Also a quick note we suggest that you NEVER use Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) in your reservoir or even as a cleaning product. Hydrogen Peroxide KILLS all these beautiful beneficial organisms you are introducing into your grow medium! Leave the bleach for Kelly Bundy’s platinum hair, not your roots.

G-Rex Rooting beneficial

Beneficial Fungi and Trichoderma create monstrous roots!

G-Rex roots from Cutting Edge Solutions

Mychorrhizae fungi inoculated roots from G-Rex

Fuzzy white fat healthy roots with millions of feeder hairs.

As you can see the G-Rex beneficial organisms have created a web of microscopic tentacles that increase the root systems ability to uptake nutrients. Beneficial fungi & Trichoderma also work to break down and recycle organic material to keep the roots healthy white and robust. The beneficial fungus works in a symbiotic relationship with the plant and the medium it is growing in. Various species of Endomycorrhizal Fungi (Mycorrhizae), Trichoderma, & Bacillus species are precisely blended to colonize the largest possible root mass, maximizing the harvest production of your plants.

The microscopic fungi receive sugar from the roots, in exchange they penetrate far deeper into the soil to absorb and send nutrients back to the plant. When those nutrients are depleted, the beneficial organisms simply reach further into the soil for more. Farmers using aggressive amounts of beneficial bacillus and fungi have found up to a 20% increase in fruit yield when used with normal nutrient schedules, at the same time saving money by using up to 20% less nutrients.

17 days after transplanting rooted plugs into 4″ Grodan Rockwool cubes

Roots with G-rex & T-rex in rockwool

Fuzzy white roots busting out of a 4" Grodan rockwool cube with G-rex & T-rex

The organisms create life in otherwise lifeless mediums like Rockwool, Hydroton (expanded clay), old depleted ‘dead’ potting soil or store-bought pasteurized soils. The medium you buy is lifeless, no beneficial bacteria and fungus to break down and use the decaying roots. Using beneficial organisms provides a great tactic to avoid Pythium Disease aka ‘Root Rot.’

It’s up to you the farmer to provide where mother nature is not available, these beneficials are found throughout the Earth’s Rhizosphere. The worlds largest living organism is a huge fungus that is believed to be approximately 8,500 years old and covers nearly four square miles (10 Km) of forest floor!

Information sheets on G-Rex & T-Rex

Mix Chart to use G-Rex

CES G-Rex Beneficial Booster

Soaked 4" Grodan rockwool cubes in both G-rex & T-rex at 5 ML / gal

G-Rex & T-Rex roots after transplant into 4" Rockwool cubes - 5ml / gal each

Hydroponics in San Diego

Hydroponics growers in San Diego dream about it!

I haven’t had a chance to use the G-Rex as a clone rooting gel, but they claim you can skip using something like Clonex Cloning Gel, Dip n Grow, or Olivia’s Organic Cloning Gel. The next time I am taking clones I will label a special section that will only be soaked in G-Rex and no cloning hormones and see what happens, I’ll post up the results when I get to it! One customer said he tried it with Rapid Rooter plugs and every single one rooted healthy and fuzzy.

T-Rex is only used for rooted clones, vegging plants and regenerating a tired mother plant. Do not use in flower or your plants will never stop stretching! Our recently transplanted new generation of Mother plants have exploded with growth after a few treatments.

T.harzianum & P.tinctorum

Excluse strains of Fungi & Trichoderma

Available in San Diego & Colfax Gorilla Gardener hydroponics store

T-Rex Label

Of course both of these root boosters are designed to be used with the Organic line from Cutting Edge Solutions but can be used with their conventional nutrient line (best results of my life) or any other manufacturers nutrient lines. Below you will see the complete feed chart for the Cutting Edge Organic line that includes Sonoma Gold Grow & Sonoma Gold Bloom, Solar Gia & Sugaree & Sour-Dee. You can also use this product right along with Hum-Tea from Cutting Edge Solutions, their breakthrough Biological super-tea adds even more vibrant Protozoa life and beneficial bacteria sources to colonize your root zone along with Humic Acid, worm castings, seaweed & molasses.

Sugaree, Sonoma Gold, Solar Gaia

Organic Nutrient line from Cutting Edge Solutions

If you have problems finding these boosters at your local hydroponics store, we are happy to ship anywhere in the United States. We will be keeping this item in stock for all of our local San Diego hydroponics and soil growers, as well as our Colfax outdoor growers. Give us a call if you have any questions!

– Gorilla Gardener



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