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Alaska Pure From Nutrifield a Flower Hardener Alternative for Gravity Humboldt County’s Own

San Diego hydroponics gardeners have a great alternative for Humboldt County’s Own Gravity Flower Hardener that has recently been banned for sale in the state of California. Alaska Pure is now available for sale at our store in south bay at Gorilla Gardener Supply San Diego.

Alaska Pure from Nutrifield of Australia is an excellent replacement for Gravity and it contains no hormones or plant growth regulators (PGR’s).

Alaska Pure available for San Diego hydro and soil gardeners

Alaska Pure in stock South bay San Diego Gorilla Gardener Hydroponics

Alaska Pure is a total flowering optimizer containing a rich source of potassium, derived from one of the World’s most nutrient-rich Kelp’s. Potassium directly effects the production of Chlorophyll, and the storage and movement of carbohydrates in plants. Carbohydrates are important as they create higher Brix (sugar) levels, which will optimize the weight of your yield. This product is designed for hydroponics use only.

We have just completed our second full flower test run with Alaska Pure as a flower hardener. Happily we announce that we have finally found a natural and safe alternative that works incredibly well! This is a great replacement for the California banned products like Phosphoload, Dr. Nodes, Flower Dragon, and Bloombastic. Alaska Pure is made of all natural Alaskan Kelp, Ascophylium Nodosum Kelp.

Our first trial run we ran half strength dose of 5-7 ML per gallon for the last 5 weeks of bloom. For our second trial run we ran full strength at 11-15 ML per gallon. Both runs produced fantastic results when run with our base nutrient line Cutting Edge Solutions. Very solid, hard flower growth with no negative effects.

Gravity Alternative Alaska Pure

Alaska Pure alternative available in South Bay San Diego Gorilla Gardener Supply

One very interesting result as well, my reservoir pH tended to stay more stable when using the Alaska Pure. I have no idea why, but the standard pH jog from the organic Calcium supplement Plant Amp from Cutting Edge was very slight. I had to use much less pH down to maintain the 5.3 – 5.5 range I like to run.

Feed chart for Alaska Pure is below:

Alaska Pure Feed Chart

Alaska Pure alternative for Gravity humboldt county's own

We are trying to get frequent imports of the Alaska Pure from Australia via Dome Garden Supply, just give us a call if you would like to try a Liter out yourself. You will be thrilled with the results! A 1 liter bottle retails for $23 and the 5 liter is $71.

Happy growing and here’s to a great outdoor season in 2012!

– Gorilla Gardener


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Nice job with your class! I am very impressed with the effort and the results from your work! Great job, keep up the good work. We will send some more samples your way!

Comment by Brett Hazzard

I have been using Alaska pure for almost 5 years, it makes me laugh to see people just now catching on. Mi Alaska pure with Jamaican guano and molasses, brew for 24 hrs and see what happens to your buds!!! Then finish off with resonator(rock out of Australia), and your crystals will be amazing and the buds will be tight!j

Comment by Joe

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