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Sour-Dee from Cutting Edge Solutions is Amazing. I Started Using Sugaree and now SourDee

Hello brothers and sisters!

So we are all probably familiar with Sugaree from Cutting Edge Solutions, this is their new ‘flavor.’ No doubt the magic cotton-candy raspberry heaven smell from Sugaree is epic, I have been using it in my grows ever since the first sample I received more than three years ago. This is a new one for the line, and it works exceptionally well.

Sour-Dee from Cutting Edge Solutions

Sour-Dee, newest flavor and aroma enhancer from Cutting Edge

The best testimony is simply quoting one of my best friends when I had presented him a harvest finished with SourDee. “Dude… what did you do differently?!? It’s always amazing… but now it’s like more amazing!” Developing an intense flavor profile in your favorite fruits and vegetables is how you shine among your peer farmers. We are all good at making a beautiful shiny fruit….. but… how does it taste? How does it smell? =] Sour-Dee infuses your fruits and flowers with a piney-fresh sour hoppy flavor profile, guaranteed to take your taste buds to the next level. “Hello ten, meet eleven.”

Much like Sugaree, Sour-Dee focuses on different tannins, flavonoids, aromatic esters and essences to produce different savory profiles. Sour-Dee provides an organic carbohydrate and electrolyte source to stimulate amino acid production and adds carbohydrates at the end of the flowering season. In my sweeter fruits I didn’t notice a big difference from Sugaree, but with my hops and sour piney tomatoes, the difference was clear. I grow in a Hydroponics ebb & flow bucket system, the flavor and aroma is especially amazing considering it wasn’t grown in soil!

Sour-Dee is a hops best friend!

The formulation contains a low molecular weight sugar source with an emulsion of trace minerals. This combination acts as a compensator as lowering light levels at the end of flowering precipitate drops in photosynthetic rate and ATP production, the molecular currency of of energy production.

ATP is a plant sugar nucleotide composed of the nitrogenous base adenine, the pentose sugar ribose and three phosphate radicals. The phosphate bond contains about 12,000 calories of energy per mole of ATP under the physical conditions of the body. In photosynthesis, ATP is synthesized from the thylakoid membrane of chloroplast cells of plants. Photons from sunlight or grow-lamps excite the chloroplast membrane, which in turn converts this excitation into ATP’s chemical energy.

SourDee Directions feed-chart

Feed chart for Sour-Dee. Use in last 3 weeks of flower and even flush with it.

These additional carbohydrates provide the plant with the energy it requires to drive fruit creation all the way until harvest. Science has proven plants are only able to uptake these simple sugars in the final weeks of their fruit-set. When your plant is nearing the finish line at seasons’ end, it’s leaves turn yellow which directly results in a slow-down of sugar production. You only need to use Sour-Dee or Sugaree in the last three week or so before harvest.

Sour-Dee and Sugaree’s organic formulation provides increases in fruit-set and sugar production when your plant would normally decide that the season is over and work is done. Professional athletes have perfected the concept of ‘Carbo-Loading’ their diets before endurance competitions. When you simply need to pass the finish line and be the best, Sour-Dee is your garden’s plate of spaghetti and snickers bar.


Happy Gardening my friends!


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