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Terpinator test just arrived. RhizoFlora Inc Just Delivered the Frost Results for Hydroponics Review

This beautiful package of 5 gallons of Terpinator just arrived from the laboratory of RhizoFlora in Northern California! We can’t wait to report back with the details! Time to get Terpinated!


Alpha tests on the Terpinator are complete and we have received a beta test to run in flower. We will see you in a couple months. Just flipped a garden to 12/12 and we will rock this hard along with Cutting Edge Solutions base nutrients and organic additives Plant Amp, Mag Amp, and Uncle John’s Blend. We will finish with Sugaree.

Terpinator was created from many years of research into naturally occurring plant compounds that serve as bio-osmotic potentiators. Through a patented refinement process the plants will utilize these compounds in Terpinator to enhance their production of Terpinoids and plant oil producing glands. These glands are brought to their maximum potential and size using Terpinator along with any base nutrient program.


Terpinator also catalyzes steps in a plants normal metabolism that will protect and prolong fragrances of your plant’s dried fruits and flowers.

The building block that comprise the Terpinator act as the pre-cursors to plant oil production. By employing natually occuring plant and biological compounds, unique enzymatic pathways within a plant’s body are utilized through Terpinator to enhance the production of Terpinoids and plant oils.

Many plants incorporate aromatic compounds that produce a plethora of odors that have been long thought to affect our physiology through odor activation known as aromatherapy.  Two of these odor molecules are Limonene and Myrcene (also found in humulus lupuls, aka ‘hops.’) These occur in a wide variety of oil producing plants, and can be described to smell like lemon and grapefruit respectively.

Many researchers have been ware of the power of odor chemistry to affect our moods, for example, many people describe a feeling of ‘sunny happiness’ when smelling Limonene. These types of compounds end up in the glands that inhibit the skin of plants and can create biological effects in our bodies when ingested. For example, the plant oils in mint can cause a feeling of relaxation when taken as a cup of tea.


Terpinoids have a long history of being antimicrobial, capable of destroying or inhibiting the growth of disease causing microbes and preventing infection.

Terpinator is about to take the hydroponics and indoor gardening world by storm. Stinky flavor packed flowers. If you are looking for your flowers to dominate the potency and aromatic classifications, Terpinator will help you attain champion status.

Grow beautiful and harvest always!

– Gorilla


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I am 3 weeks away from completing my tests on terpinator. I am running side by side comparisons… one with terpinator one with out.. on established strains with archived samples from previous crops to compare. I will have reviewers sample after a 2 month cure.. So i am 3 months from decent conclusive data and 1 month from my opinion comparing the side by sides..

Greeting from the great state of WA!

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