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Phat Muffler Review – Dropped the Noise on My Inline Fan by 40% or More – Silence is Golden Hydroponics

Phat Mufflers in the house!

Oh baby I have been dreaming about getting one of these for a couple years since these products came around. Before Phat and others took it upon themselves to make the Hydroponics and greenhouse growers a proper duct muffler, it was all ghetto do-it-yourself contraptions. This thing is shiny, sexy and light weight! Time for a review on my test.


I made a couple of videos so you can hear the Phat Muffler in action. My fiance noticed right away how much quieter it was near the exhaust port!

Below is the “PRE-MUFFLER VIDEO” 






I noticed right away after installation that it was significantly quieter inside the grow room. I would have to guestimate but I would say that at least 40-45% of the volume both in and out of the room was removed. This the “post video” after I have installed the muffler onto my 6″ Vortex fan.

I didn’t notice any significant back pressure or slow-down of exhaust stream CFM. My garden temperatures stayed the same. The muffler is made by Phat Filter and they also make a wide variety of carbon filters. Phat Muffler comes in sizes 4″ to 12″ ducting / inline fans.  http://PhatFilter.com/ Here is the info from the box. I know that Hydrofarm distributes these guys.



I love this new tool! Something always luxury to the grower in me, but now I can’t imagine living without one. Happy growing!

– Gorilla


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